Wednesday, June 8


I'm a Deaniac and proud of it. I love the man's passion, his candor, his intellectual honesty, his toughness, his courage. I don't love what he's saying about "Republicans" because I think it's poor politics. He can say anything he wants about this administration, but it's a bad idea to lump all Republicans in with the Bush gang. Many Republicans are well-meaning saps. Insulting them is a good way to drive them further into the arms of their wingnut masters. Change "Republicans" to "Republican Party leaders" and I'm okay with it.

So Howard, rock on and tell it like it is. But remember who the real opposition is -- the power players, not ordinary Americans no matter their political affiliation.

And Joe Biden, keep YOUR mouth shut -- don't continue the Democratic tradition of cannibalizing our own. Next time someone asks you about Dean's remarks, elucidate them, don't condemn them. Say, "Howard is speaking of the administration and party leaders, not ordinary Republican rank-and-file voters, whom they have misled and betrayed. And in that context, I agree with him 100%."


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