Tuesday, June 21


Molly Ivins has more good stuff in this post about Big Media largely ignoring the Downing Street Memos, but I'm publishing this excerpt because it reminded me I never railed at Tom Friedman:

Tom Friedman, columnist for The New York Times, recently wrote that "liberals" no longer want to talk about the war because we were against it to start with and probably hope it ends in disaster. Good Lord, who does he think we are? Does this man actually think we are out here cheering every time another American is killed?

Mr. Friedman, real, actual, honest-to-God American liberals are out here in the heartland, and we know the kids who are dying in Iraq. They are from our hometowns. We know their parents. That's why we hate this war. That's why we tried to tell everybody else it was a ghastly idea.

We are not sitting here gloating because it is the horrible mess we said it would be. We're in agony. There is nothing pleasurable about being a Cassandra. I have said from the beginning that if this thing worked out the way Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Cheney all said it would, I would be perfectly happy to get down on my knees and kiss George Bush's feet.

I'm used to this kind of slander from the Laura Ingrahams of the world, but Tom Friedman? Oaf that he's been since the runup to the war, I wouldn't have imagined that he doesn't have a few liberal friends left. Is he really calling them America haters and suggesting they applaud the deaths of our troops?

Who's calling for HIS apology and/or resignation from the New York Times?


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