Tuesday, June 7


This morning on his "Morning in America" radio talk show, Bill Bennett spoke with Debra Burlingame, author of today's Wall Street Journal opinion piece, "The Great Ground Zero Heist." In the course of his show Bill called ground zero "a holy place," and asserted that Democrats and liberals don't want a place (9/11 memorial) where people will go to get mad, the implication being that Bill and his cronies do. Of course! The wingnuts want to keep people's ire stoked up and the flames pouring out of their mouths; that's how they won the election. Demonize somebody, anybody -- keep the base afraid and fired up. And if the people we're demonizing just happen to be our fellow Americans, well, why not? Everybody knows liberalism is a mental disorder, so we liberals should be put away in institutions so our madness can't spread.

"Holy place?" The 9/11 victims were not martyrs who willingly gave their lives to a cause; their lives were terminated against their will. There's nothing holy about ground zero. It's the scene of a mass murder. If it were "holy," people wouldn't get angry at the memorial, they would feel respect, grief, maybe contemplate life and all its myriad mysteries. But Bill WANTS people to visit the memorial and get angry -- get angry so they'll fight the bloodsuckers who perpetrated this dastardly crime...and others we want to get rid of while we're at it.

Soros and the IFC want an educational exhibit about freedom and human dignity to accompany the store of artifacts from the 9/11 tragedy. I like the idea somewhat (as long as it doesn't smack of controversy or partisanship, even on OUR SIDE), but I also think the greater mass should celebrate the extraordinary acts of firefighters and other rescue and volunteer workers, as a part of a theme of Americans pulling together and rising above the attacks. I don't like the idea of promoting victimhood to perpetuate hate; Americans are traditionally overcomers, a tradition I would like to see continue.

I favor Keith Olbermann's proposal. What about you?


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