Sunday, July 3


John Bolton is one scary loose cannon. What I can't figure is, why on earth would Condi and Bush want him when he has a history of defying his bosses and putting them in awkward (to say the least) situations?

Michael Tomasky issues a call to action:

So here’s what we know: In one area, and in only one area that we know of (Iran), Bolton kept information from his superiors and pursued an agenda that was more hard line than others in the administration were comfortable with. It also happens to be the case that the matters on which Bolton freelanced had to do specifically with the United Nations’ handing of Iran-related issues.

It’s hardly going out on a limb, given all this background, to suggest that UN Ambassador John Bolton might hit Turtle Bay with a certain agenda in mind with regard to Iran—an agenda, his history on the topic indicates, that might not even square with that of his boss, the president. Small wonder that Ledeen told The New York Sun back on January 24, “I love John Bolton.”

The prospect of a Bolton recess appointment is sneaking under the radar right now. A formidable opposition that got Democratic senators to focus on Bolton in the first place, and then succeeded in raising such a clamor that the GOP-controlled Senate couldn’t win him a cloture vote, seems to have turned its attention to other matters. Folks, let’s not wake up next Thursday morning and find that this man is representing us at the United Nations. It’s time to rev the machine back up.


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