Saturday, August 13


An absolute must read. Raw Story tells the disgusting, shameful story of how Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) misused -- or, let's talk straight, perverted -- his position as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to fix pre-war intelligence and used leaks and smears to divert blame from the White House over Iraq and blame the CIA and Democrats. He continues his campaign of disinformation by insisting that Valerie Plame was not truly a covert agent.

I read stuff like this and I wonder how it is possible for the American people to be so blind. Our institutions have failed us. The White House, Congress, the media -- all have been co-conspirators in the disaster we call the Bush administration. How anyone with conscience or morality can vilify a courageous woman like Cindy Sheehan who is simply calling a spade a spade is beyond my comprehension.

Today my daughter returned to Dallas from Fort Bliss, where she has been saying goodbye to a young man she loves who is being shipped out to Iraq. She was in tears and physically sick to think of what he will face. I echo Cindy: Mister President, what is the "noble cause" that will comfort her if she learns later that he has been injured or killed? How can you or any of your co-conspirators sleep at night? Silly me. The truly wicked sleep like babies. They have no consciences to disturb them.

I dare not tell my daughter all I know. Like he may not have the proper armor or equipment to offer some protection when he's out looking for improvised explosive devices (his assigned task). I blame Congress for this as well as the president. After the upmteenth time we'd been told this problem was being fixed and then discovered that, in fact, it wasn't, Congress should have refused to approve any further appropriations until they had PROOF it was no longer an issue.

Right now my anger is so great that if I didn't have a cast up from my toes to my knee I would be sewing an effigy of Bush to burn at high noon on Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

UPDATE: Moe Blues of Bad Attitudes has a good answer to the question, "What is the noble cause?"

Iraqis are debating the form of their new constitution. Will it declare that the Koran is the sole source of law? Or will it declare that the Koran is the primary source of law? These are the questions with which they wrestle.

Thus it is clear that the "noble cause" for which our troops have fought and died is the establishment of another fundamentalist Islamic state in the Middle East.


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