Saturday, August 27


Mark Green responds to Ann Coulter's infamous comments that New Yorkers are cowards who would immediately surrender to terrorists:

So as she shuttles in limos between her sanitized cable appearances in a successful attempt to be the blondest blowhard in tv history, I would hope that assignment editors everywhere start exercising some news judgment. That includes Fox News. Hell, Murdoch and Ailes are New Yorkers. At what point do they and reasonable Americans turn their faces away in disgust? Indeed, at what point do reasonable Americans turn away in disgust from a President whose faith-based war has been blown up by reality and who can only wave the bloody shirt of 9/11 whenever he’s asked to explain what he’s doing to our soldiers and our country.

There will come a time – whether it’s in five months or 5 years or 50 years, I don’t know – when we’ll all have to answer the question of what we were doing when the Bush-Robertson-Coulter crowd tried to ruin America, just as earlier generations had to explain the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials or McCarthyism. Cindy Sheehan and New Yorkers don’t need lectures from those that hate the values of a country whose flag they perennially wave.

Considering that a major portion of the media has some claim to a kinship with New York, how can any of them continue to give airtime to this disparager of their loss and valiance on 9/11 and its aftermath? What danger, other than a pie thrown at her, has SHE ever faced? And note how quickly she ran away from that!

It's so ironic to me that the chickenhawks and their feminine counterparts dare to disparage men and women who have fought, sacrificed, even bled and died for our nation as they have the past four years -- yet they were the leaders of the hordes who screamed "Draft Dodger!" at Bill Clinton for taking a principled stand against the most futile and defenseless (until the Iraq invasion) military exercise in modern U.S. history.

Read it all. It's a pleasure to see the lead, true feminazi (as opposed to the Rushbo type) taken apart, even if it's just preaching to the choir.


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