Friday, August 12


Having just spent a week in meetings aimed toward formulating my company's strategic communications plan, which by necessity includes details of desired outcomes, accountabilities, deliverables, strategy, tactics, benchmarks, measurements, etc. (and that's just for COMMUNICATIONS! you should see what the finance and operations people have to submit!), I'm struck by how BushCo can get away with phrases like "staying the course" without delivering any of the above-mentioned details to Congress, much less the American people. In big business, these components drive execution of strategy and provide for course corrections when the strategy is less successful than anticipated. It's the way all well-run companies operate.

As I've said repeatedly, Bush and Cheney like to market themselves as "CEO"-types. They couldn't run any major company in this country without it going the way of Enron, WorldCom, and the like. "Faith-based" strategies don't carry much weight with shareholders. We voters are the shareholders of BushCo. And we've not gotten much return on our investment. When are we going to insist on a proxy fight and replace the current board of directors? It had better be soon...


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