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Cindy continues to confound the conservative pundits.

The rapidly dwindling minority of Americans who continue to search for some rationale for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq has been driven to the brink of breakdown by the success of Sheehan's protest.
What the pro-war crowd does not understand is that Cindy Sheehan is not inspiring opposition to the occupation. She is merely putting a face on the mainstream sentiments of a country that has stopped believing the president's promises with regard to Iraq. According to the latest Newsweek poll, 61 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush's handing of the war, while just 26 percent support the president's argument that large numbers of U.S. military personnel should remain in Iraq for as long as it takes to achieve the administration's goals there.

The supporters of this war have run out of convincing lies and effective emotional appeals. Now, they are reduced to attacking the grieving mothers of dead soldiers. Samuel Johnson suggested that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. But, with their attacks on Cindy Sheehan, the apologists for George Bush's infamy have found a new and darker refuge.

I have also listened to quite a few of the other grieving mothers the media has trotted out to counter Cindy's sentiments and have been struck by the fact that not a single one of them has been able to counter one of Cindy's points. To a woman, they've all persisted in the same meme, namely that they support Bush and the troops. Cindy clearly does not have a corner on the grief market, and has never claimed to, but I believe she has demonstrated convincingly to the media and to the largest segment of the public that she and her supporters have done a lot more independent thinking than the other side.


Blogger The Journey is my Home said...

Cindy Sheehan is first...a greiving mother...not an anti-war activist. She has lost one of her babies, her beautiful 24 year old son. She lost him to a senseless war. Her pain is horrible! This child came from her womb, he was a part of her very being! It is as if her heart were chopped out of her body with an ax, while she was yet breathing! Our emotions are energy...they create energy. Grief has to be the strongest...and without a doubt,the death of ones child is the most severe...making
this the most powerful emotion. It's a power to be reckoned with...if engaged! I have lost both my children, my son at 26 only 6 years ago , and my beautiful daughter at 36, just 6 months ago. I know what Cindy Sheehan is feeling... I also know that she can not be stopped!! Some Bush person said that Cindy has a political agenda that goes beyond her sons death. Shame on them and shame on anyone who doubts her motives. Cindy Sheehan has found a
way to channel her grief. Some grieving parents never use this energy of the emotion, and so stay and continue to be a slave to the worst grief there is! Bush claims to be a" man of faith". Cindy is reportedly a woman of "faith". Which one is right? Who is the "religious right"
backing? She is accussed of hurting the morale of the troops...
I would tend to think that the fear of being murdered and watching your friends die, would hurt morale much more than a grieving mother wanting to talk to the president!I pray to God that no one ever suffer the horror of losng a child...but I have to say...that before any other parent
pass judgment on Cindy... take a look at your child and try for just one tiny second to imagine
life without them!! Then look at Cindys motives again! George Bush has met his match! He is no match for a grieving mother!!

parents that ar

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Blogger Motherlode said...

I appreciate so much your comments. Please accept my most heartfelt sympathies for your losses -- I won't pretend to even a smidgen of an idea of what that means to you, though as any mother I often wonder just how I would handle such a tragedy.

As the mother of five young adults, two sons and three daughters, I often contemplate just what losing one of them would mean, never more so than when my middle daughter joined the Air Force last year. You know, the Bible calls us "procreators," that is, creators together with God, of our children. I interpret that to mean that my children belong to God as well as to myself. They are life's most precious gift, and I regard my responsibility to them as one of stewardship. Like Cindy, if one of my children died for a cause I did not understand, I would wrack my heart and mind for a way to make that loss more meaningful to both myself and to my God. I think she's the very image of what many of us would like to believe about ourselves -- a woman of conviction, strength and an enduring and eternal love that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the grave. She honors her son's brave sacrifice by her actions and her words, and to denigrate either is unworthy.

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