Monday, August 8


The priceless Dr. Bruce Prescott:

I'm still waiting for Dobson to explain why he thinks the imago Dei must have a genetic structure rather than a spiritual one. Logically, that would mean that sin -- which corrupted the imago -- also had a genetic structure.

If eight cell blastocysts are fully human persons -- created in the image of God, but with a propensity to sin -- then why don't we have genetic engineers searching for the "original sin" gene. If they could find it and remove our rebellious nature, we could all be sinless and perfect.

Then no one would have to be "born again" and Jesus' death would have been unnecessary.

I'd like a list of all those Nazi experiments that Dobson is "sure ultimately benefited mankind." Funny, I thought they were all about supporting the war effort of the Third Reich and advancing a master race, not finding cures for disease and alleviating suffering.

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