Monday, September 5


PSoTD nails it perfectly. Bush has nothing to offer the country in times of crisis except "revenge and retribution."

Some are saying there's a big difference in Bush with the Katrina disaster versus 9/11.

Not much different with him.

The difference is in the situation.

When Bush stood in New York and yelled in the bullhorn that "soon the people that did this will hear from all of us," he promised revenge and retribution. Not protection. Not help. Not wisdom.

America had a hearty appetite for revenge and retribution after 9/11. This country ate Bush's words up.
You can't promise revenge and retribution against a hurricane. You can't say we're going to get even with Mother Nature. And he has nothing else to promise. His administration didn't figure out how the federal government could responsibly work to better protect New Orleans. He wasn't able to figure out that he was needed immediately to show that the federal government was ready to help. Only an ever-shrinking minority believes his "wisdom" after seeing how screwed up Iraq has been.

Retribution and revenge is worthless to the American people in this situation. That is Bush's political problem. Personally, he has little else to offer.

Well, except more tax cuts for the wealthy.


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