Sunday, September 11


This morning both Tim Russert and Wolf Blitzer replayed Howard Dean saying he doesn't think this president cares about all Americans. Howard said Bush may be a nice guy on a personal level, but his policies have been disastrous for the middle and lower classes. Tim's and Wolf's guests (Nancy Pelosi, in Wolf's case) demurred from the former and agreed with the latter.

At this point I don't understand how ANY well-informed person could disagree with Howard's remarks, INCLUDING the first. I challenge anyone to name a single thing Bush has done to demonstrate caring for the less-well-to-do of this nation. And don't bring up the Medicare prescription bill -- that was a boon to the pharmaceutical industry, pure and simple. Bush may put on a good show of "compassion" when there's a camera pointed at him, but the "proof is in the pudding," as my grandmother used to say. And his policies clearly reflect where his true priorities further enriching the already wealthy and advancing corporate interests.


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