Wednesday, September 14


Heard a terrific exchange this morning between former Texas judge Catherine Crier (R), now of Court TV, and Dallas radio talk show host Darrell Ankarlo. Crier has written a new book, CONTEMPT: How The Right Is Wronging American Justice. Crier contends that the U.S. judicial system, though imperfect, has evolved very much as the founders intended. Ankarlo very much took exception to that, insisting that the founders were Christians whose intentions have been undermined or perverted by liberals, especially over the past 20 or so years. Crier said, "You're just wrong, Darrell," calling them deists instead of Christians, and she and Ankarlo made a $10,000 wager on who was correct. (Can't wait to see if Darrell ever pays up!)

Crier noted that a solid majority of federal justices, including the Supreme Court, are Republican appointees, not Democrats. She went on to say (intermittently reminding Darrell and the audience that she's a "Texas Republican") that when the ultra-right wing attacks "activist judges," it's usually moderate Republican judges they're howling about.

Great debate. Can't wait to get hold of a copy of Crier's book.


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