Thursday, September 1


Anybody see Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (R) on CNN this morning? He about blew his top, and he definitely lost his cool, at Miles O'Brien for questioning whether he was satisfied with the speed and scope of the federal response to the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina. Omigod! Never say you're suggesting that the godly George W. Bush hasn't done everything humanly possible to rescue us! You heathen, Miles, you're just trying to use "hindsight" when we in Mississippi are so very, very grateful for the prez. You're not going to get ME to criticize Fearless Leader. Besides, we still need federal help and we all know how retaliatory Dubya is to people who criticize him. Shut your filthy trap and quit suggesting that we had plenty of warning. (Whine) This thing was just a category 1 when it came through Florida. We didn't have but a few piddly hours of notice that it was a monster!

And what do you mean by asking if we have enough National Guardsmen on duty? Why, we have 1,000 on the scene. Why don't we have more? Well, we had to wait for other states to see how bad off we are so they'd lend us some of theirs. Yes, we have a couple thousand more Guardsmen in Mississippi. Why aren't they on the scene yet? You're so negative!


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