Friday, September 2


Came in late to MSNBC's "A Concert for Hurricane Relief." Came in on Harry Connick singing, "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans." Winton Marsalis is playing trumpet.

Saw an impassioned plea by Kanye West cut off as he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Mike Myers looked at him with an expression I couldn't quite interpret -- "don't say that, buddy" or "they're going to edit you," or "don't go there" -- I don't know.

Aaron Neville is singing "Amazing Grace."

Marcie Gay Harden making a plea for donations to the Red Cross.

Richard D. Fairbank, CEO of Capital One, sponsor of the concert, speaking.

Video of valiant rescue attempts. Jimmy Smits narrating footage of the desolation, with a theme of people helping people.

Claire Danes now, talking about schooling for the refugees. Remedies for these schoolchildren has not yet been addressed.

Brian Williams touring New Orleans with Harry Connick.

Faith Hill (whose husband Tim McGraw is a Louisiana native) singing "Precious Lord, Lead Me Home."

Leo DiCaprio urging donations.

Matt Lauer speaking.

End of concert with all participating in "When the Saints Go Marching In." Harry Connick leads, Aaron Neville, Tim McGraw, Glenn Close, John Goodman on stage.

How can we let this center of most unique American culture sink? New Orleans, the "Big Easy," has had its faults, but it is undeniably world-famous as the genesis of a world-famous, distinct American musical style. And anyone who's ever experienced the New Orleans magic cannot fathom the United States without a New Orleans.


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