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"The question, Who lost New Orleans? will plague Bush during his second term. I think this thing is going to divide us racially and politically and poison us for the remainder of the Bush term," said Pat Buchanan.

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Eleanor Clift: The slowness of the administration's response makes you wonder if we can't handle this, how do we handle a man-made event? We've had four years since 9/11 and FEMA is arguing about whether they should wear Homeland Security jackets or FEMA jackets.

Tony Blankley: Very few heads roll in this administration.

Buchanan: He should have sent in the 82nd airborne by Tuesday. That's what we did in Newark.

McLaughlin: Race? Socio-economic status?

Clarence Page: Anyone who watched this week could see that the most miserable were mostly poor and black. The key word here is preparedness. When they decided to make evacuation the central point of preparedness someone should have thought about those them. It's the case in most American cities. We've got to think in these disaster plans about the underclass.

Mac: Are they poor because they're black?

Page: It's the impression the world gets.

Clift: It looks as if we have apartheid in this country if you watch those pictures. The people who war-gamed these scenarios knew this would happen.

Pat: FEMA was unprepared, it had nothing to do with race.

Mac: Looting? Lawlessness? What do you think the international community thinks?

Tony: They think we're not as masterful at handling things than they thought.

Mac: Can George Bush do for New Orleans what he wants to do for Iraq?

Clift: The point is, the world wants to know where we get off telling other countries how to behave.

Pat: The president's war policy is in deep, deep trouble. Americans are going to say look, we've got people suffering and dying in New Orleans, our borders aren't secure, but we're worrying about the border of Syria. What're we doing policing abroad?

Tony: As the American people see his opposition using this against the president, the opposition may overplay their hand.

Clift: Where's this opposition? No leading Democrats have come out and said much. His own party has complained more.

Mac: How much political damage has been done to George Bush by Katrina? On a scale of 1-10?

Pat: Could be a 10 and then sink to a 5. Tony's right. If everyone rides his own hobby horse, it could bring sympathy to Bush.

Clift: At least an 8.

Tony: It's about a 7, it could be a 15, depending on how he performs. He could bring it to a 4 if he gets a grip on this.

Page: It's a 9, as it should be.

Mac: He got bulleting from NOA that the levees could last to 115 mph winds. As soon as he saw 48 hours before that the winds could go to 140-150 mph he should have raced to react. It's a 9-plus.

Mac: Economic impact of Katrina? How bad is it?

Tony: Once the port is rebuilt, who'll man it? The entire city will be gone. The port is so important, that's why the Nazis tried to take it out with U-boats.

Mac: Did Hastert say it's not worth rebuilding?

Page: That's not going to happen.

Clift: We have an administration with two oil execs. Why don't they get their oil buddies cut prices to aid consumers?

Pat: We're reaching the breaking point in the economy.

Clift: Chances high for a recession.

Pat, Tony, Page: Big question mark.

Mac: Vox populi. Bush's low ratings, 53% disapprove, 45% approve. What do you make of these numbers?

Clift: War weariness, lack of confidence in the president, high gasoline prices.

Mac: Bush a lame duck already?

Tony: He could be. On Tuesday and Wednesday he went up ten points from the usual disaster "rally around the flag" reaction.

Mac: Predictions?

Pat: Roberts will sail through to confirmation.

Clift: Congress can't with a straight face pass the estate tax repeal. With a war and rebuilding costs, they can't drain billions from revenues.

Tony: After 9/11 Bush suffered a few bad days and then got into his game. He'll do the same here.

Page: Look for a rash of waterway improvement bills.

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