Friday, September 2


* 27% of the residents of New Orleans have an income below the poverty line (as compared to the national average of 12.7%).
* 50,000 households do not have cars.
* Median income: $17,000 (as compared to a national median income of $40,800 for men and $31,200 for women).

With the exception of Faux News, the blond bimbos of the mainstream media (male and female, and some only acting blond) seem to have ceased dissing those from New Orleans who did not leave the city before Hurricane Katrina struck. They also appear to have been deeply moved by the visuals depicting the suffering of those affected by the storm and its aftermath. At any rate, I've heard more of them interrupting politicians and bureaucrats as they recite their "help is coming soon-progress-is-being-made" speeches, the newscasters making visibly angry retorts and offering tougher follow-up questions, than I've ever before witnessed. This morning on CNN the O'Briens vigorously peppered FEMA director Michael Brown and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco.

Let's see 'em be that tough on Dubya. Ha. Fat chance.

UPDATE: Apparently Ted Koppel has joined the gang of indignant newscasters. (Hat tip to AmericaBlog.


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