Monday, September 5


Barbara Bush may have money, but she sure has no class.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush said Monday that living in the Astrodome in Houston was working out well for many of the 15,000 hurricane victims there because they were underprivileged anyway.

And Jeb Bush showed what a jerk he is at the Florida State-University of Miami game tonight. Just before the second half began Brent Musberger remarked to the Governor, "I guess as governor of the entire state you have to root for both teams. What do you do, sit with one team during one half and then switch over? You have voters in Dade County [Miami] just as you do Leon County [Tallahassee]."

Jeb replied, "Well, as a second-term governor I can reveal that I'm a 'Canes [Miami Hurricanes] fan."

He just revealed that he doesn't give a flip about the voters' FEELINGS, only their votes. And so typical Bush. Support the private, high-tuition school over the state university. He probably considers them more his own kind.


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