Wednesday, September 7


Oh, you won't believe what Arizona Senator Jon Kyl said.

If you follow his logic, nobody should be allowed to live in Florida or any state near the Gulf Coast. Oh, but hurricanes also strike the East Coast, so we should depopulate Georgia, the Carolinas, and points north also. And since California is vulnerable to earthquakes, that's no place to live either. (Oops, there's a fault line running from Arkansas up to Canada. There go another few states. But maybe Kyl doesn't think it poses a consistent enough threat.) And oh yes, let's not forget the desert states, which, as Buck at Bad Attitudes points out, require tons of water from other states and considerable federal assistance on an ongoing basis. And what about the "tornado alley" of Kansas, northern Texas and Oklahoma? Would Kyl feel the same way about those areas as he does New Orleans?

Come to think of it, it WOULD break up some Republican strongholds.


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