Tuesday, October 4


Hilarious. Ann Coulter on Hannity & Colmes, like many other conservatives, frothing at the mouth about Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. According to Coulter, "It's embarrassing...insulting" to "conservatives and evangelicals," which Ann said she numbers herself among. Miers, she says, is not even close to being numbered among the few who are worthy of the rarefied post. Asked why Bush would have said Miers was "the best person" he could find, Ann replied, "He hates us." Presumably, she meant conservatives.

Coulter objected to Miers' education at SMU as not being good enough (she should have gone to a "top school" according to AC) -- an assertion I take issue with, being the mother of an SMU graduate (triple major, magna cum laude!). She made (rightfully, I think) fun of Miers' resume, citing stints on the Dallas City Council and on the Texas Lottery Commission. Ann thinks a Supreme Court justice should be someone who, like John Roberts (whom she characterized as a "stealth candidate") can opine on obscure Constitutional issues, which she doesn't think Miers can.

Ann noted that this is a bad time, following upon the FEMA leadership fiascos, for Bush to be appointing a crony that doesn't measure up to the highest standards. She thinks Bush was thumbing his nose at conservatives who objected to his pal Alberto Gonzales, more or less saying with the Miers appointment, "You don't like my buddy Al? Well, try this!"

Ann's buddy Sean Hannity, who rarely if ever can bring himself to utter or countenance criticism of the pResident, did not seem particularly happy with her anti-Miers fervor and anti-Bush vitriol. Co-host Alan Colmes could hardly contain his pleasure at same.

At the end of the interview, Ann seemed to want to realign herself with her pal Sean, unctuously saying to him, "Sean, are you going to ride a horse again? You looked so studly! So macho!"



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