Wednesday, October 12


Hilarious bit I caught on the Radio Factor today. Bill O'Reilly, having asserted that the extreme right wing doesn't get much of a voice in the media, responded to a caller who asked him, "What about Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin? They're all over the airwaves, and on your show."

O'Reilly conceded that Ayn might be considered extreme right wing, but definitely not (his sidekick emphatically agreed with him) darling Michelle. "She's conservative, but I wouldn't call her right wing. She's a reasoned conservative." Extreme right wingers and left wingers, he said, can't be reasoned with. His sidekick added that much of their talk is practically hate speech. Bill went on to gush that Malkin is a reasonable, intelligent conservative. Can this be the same Michelle Malkin that defends racial profiling and the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII?

Ayn, he noted, has been on his show only three times this year, while Barry Lynn, director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, has been a guest seven times (I guess the inference was that Lynn is an extreme left winger counterpart to Ayn's right wing -- you know how freakish those constitutional supporters are). And he always gives Ayn a hard time, he indicated, all of which proves he's a neutral kind of guy. Why, former FBI director Louis Freeh won't even appear on the Factor to discuss his new book, he's so afraid of O'Leilly, even though Bill sells more books for his guests than anyone in cable news!!

He must have fantasies of Michelle and a loofah.


Blogger I Gotta B G said...

I love Bill O'Reilley. I think he is a very intelligent journalist. I don't agree with him all the time, but 90% of the time which is a pretty good average for anyone!

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