Saturday, October 22


MSNBC's David Shuster reports on Hardball that associates of Ahmed Chalabi were responsible for the forged Niger documents. The Fitzgerald investigation into Plamegate, Shuster reports, has opened wider to include the use (or misuse) of faulty pre-war intelligence to sell the Iraq War.

Watch the video -- it's a blockbuster:

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It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the administration's war on Joe Wilson was prompted not by his publicly exposing the lies behind the "mushroom cloud" threat that they insisted was posed by Iraq, but by the very fact that he COULD expose them. These guys are thugs, and like any thug they were out to make sure all the loose ends were tied up. Luckily, they're too finicky (I won't say moral) to actually commit MURDER to do so...especially since character assassination has worked so well for them as an alternative tactic, hm?

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