Saturday, October 29


Rove may be next. WaPo on "Official A":

But at a news conference that ran more than an hour, a composed and chatty Fitzgerald cautioned that the investigation, while nearly complete, is not over.

The biggest piece of unfinished business involves Rove. Fitzgerald appeared set to charge Rove with making false statements until the White House deputy chief of staff provided new information on Tuesday that gave the prosecutor what two people described as "pause."

It is unclear what information Rove turned over. It is also unclear if it will be enough to prevent a grand jury from indicting him in the weeks ahead.
On at least one occasion, Libby and Rove chatted about Plame, too. Rove -- described as "Official A" in the indictment -- told Libby that columnist Robert D. Novak was planning to write about Wilson's wife. A few days later, the column ran -- setting off the political firestorm that brought down Libby and still threatens Rove.

What's the "new information" that Karl gave to Fitzgerald? I think it's likely (a) something he thinks exculpatory, which Fitzgerald would feel he has to investigate before indicting the Rovester; or (b) information damning to someone else, which Fitzgerald needs to confirm before deciding whether or not to let Rove plea to a lesser charge in return for the scoop.

Either way, I still think Rove is going down. It ain't over till it's over.

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