Sunday, October 2


Watched Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) spending a rather weird time with Wolf Blitzer on Reliable Sources, comparing the Iraq War with the American Civil War and the American revolution against the British and saying that Iraq comes off real well, considering that Lincoln was losing 10,000 troops per month while we’ve only lost 2000, and that our constitution two hundred years ago said a black man was 3/10 of a man and the iraq constitution improves on that. What the ????

He also said it’s very possible that there’s a conspiracy between Ronnie Earl (Travis County, TX DA) and Democrats to get Tom DeLay. He DID say he’s not comfortable with Tom DeLay as his leader. “We [the GOP] got into power by promising we’d live up to a higher standard, and I don’t think in recent years we have.”

Wolf replied, "Well, at least that's an honest answer."


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