Sunday, October 30


Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter speaks, and not softly, about the necessity for Americans to redress the wrongs of BushCo re the Iraq War. It's time someone spoke boldly about our responsiblity for our own government's actions. While I used to find the "Don't Blame Me -- I Voted for -------" opposition bumper stickers mildly amusing, the truth is, we're all in this together. There were no blanket forgiveness vouchers for "good Germans" after WWII except for those who actively, and bravely, opposed the Nazi Party at great risk to themselves. Why should we get a pass just because we voted for Kerry? If, armed with the information we now have, we of the opposition party do not aggressively fight for the American ideal and cry "J'accuse!" at the wrongful and despicable actions and agenda of the Bush political machine, we deserve to be indicted along with the perpetrators.

Having been duped into a war that has to date cost the lives of over 2,000 members of the armed forces (not to mention hundreds of our coalition partners and tens of thousands of Iraqis), the question now is how the citizenry of the world's most powerful representative democracy will respond.

Void of a major backlash on the part of the American people in response to the deliberate falsification and deceit that has transpired regarding Iraq and the now-debunked case for war, the Libby indictment may prove to be little more than an exercise in damage control.
If the American people go along with such blatant attempts at obscuring the reality of the criminal conspiracy that has been committed, then it is perhaps time we finally lay to rest this experiment we call American democracy.
The crime that was committed goes far beyond the outing of a rogue diplomat's CIA-affiliated spouse, as serious as that charge may be. The deliberate and systematic manner in which the Bush administration, from the president on down, peddled misleading, distorted and fabricated information to Congress and the American people represents a frontal assault on the very system of government the United States of America proclaims to champion.


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