Tuesday, October 25


Laura Ingraham ranted on forever this morning on her spectacularly lame radio show, which is incessantly peppered with bouts of juvenile giggling and mockery of serious subjects and people, about Al Franken's appearance on Letterman. She and her sidekick Lee just don't see anything funny about "Frankenfreud," as she calls him. And she deems it in the worst of taste that Al finds humor in "serious subjects."

Guess she doesn't remember laughing uproariously yesterday morning at Hurricane Wilma and the possibility that Rep. Curt Weldon might have "imploded" during his recent remarks in the House re what he characterized as DIA smearing of Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer of Able Danger, and died or had a heart attack or something since she was having trouble getting him on the phone for an interview -- the latter hilarity immediately preceding her speaking sympathetically and respectfully to Weldon himself on the subject.

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