Friday, October 14


Mark Levin is one of the most noxious, obnoxious voices on right-wing talk radio. A man every bit as consumed by hatred of the Clintons as the worst of the wingnuts, his defense of Karl Rove on his show a few minutes ago perfectly exemplified the extremist conservative perspective.

As best I can remember, Levin ranted that the Democrats are smearing Rove, Frist and DeLay. "That's what they do!" he exclaimed. That Karl Rove should be under investigation for this NOTHING, while "Hillary Clinton prances about in that pantsuit" and "goes FREE" simply enrages him.

Now let's remember that this NOTHING was the act of outing an undercover CIA agent working on weapons of mass destruction in order to discredit her husband, a distinguished public servant and former ambassador, who had information that rebutted the BushCo assertion that Saddam Hussein was attempting to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger in order to build a nuclear weapon. Bush & Company promoted that falsity to justify going to WAR. But Levin insists that Valerie Plame, the CIA agent-wife of Joe Wilson, was never in DANGER as a result of Rove's sharing of her status with the agency with reporters -- in fact, she's appearing EVERYWHERE with her husband now (two years after she was exposed), even letting her picture be taken! Doesn't that prove that Karl is just being pilloried for NOTHING? Doesn't he have the right to violate the law since he could see into his crystal ball and prove to his satisfaction that none of Valerie's contacts or subjects of her intelligence work would succeed in removing her permanently from the face of the earth?

And Hillary Clinton "prancing"? In "that pantsuit"? I think Mark's either tortured by an involuntary lust on for Hillary that makes him crazy ("oh! the way she moves in that seductive, form-fitting garment!"). Otherwise, he's revealing a serious case of misogyny; i.e., how dare THAT WOMAN wear men's trousers and move confidently in circles of power appropriate only to men? Either way, THAT WOMAN is a massive threat to Mark's ego. (I guess it's okay for Elizabeth Dole and Kay Bailey Hutchison to prance because they customarily wear skirts.)

And what does he mean, "goes FREE!" Unless I'm mightily mistaken, there's no evidence that Hillary has ever committed a crime or even an impropriety, even after being subjected to the most relentless and partisan investigation in political history. Is he suggesting (that's rhetorical; I'm sure he is) that Hillary got away with a crime that should have resulted in her incarceration? No doubt Levin is among the Rushbo nuts that are furious at the failure to frame her for the murder of Vince Foster.

Republicans like to talk about liberals' "irrational hatred" of Dubya. Yet influentials such as Mark Levin continue to demonstrate a fear and loathing of anyone surnamed Clinton that has endured well beyond a decade. How any American not certifiably insane can listen to this fruitcake and not suffer a sever case of nausea is beyond me.


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