Sunday, October 30


At last the Bushies are revealed in all their lying, corrupt, hypocritical, arrogant ugliness. The "better people" who think anything goes except sex outside of marriage (the one-woman-one-man kind, that is) -- oh wait, that's okay too as long as you're a Republican and keep it hushed up -- are presiding over the only administration in 130 years to have a White House aide indicted. And now the whole nasty cabal may be imploding.

Paul Begala:

It is not boilerplate to state that those accused are entitled to the presumption of innocence. But that is a legal matter. As a matter of morality, the Bushies are already guilty. Guilty of smearing the Wilson family. Guilty of twisting intelligence. Guilty of lying about the role of White House aides in outing Mrs. Wilson. Guilty of sanctimony and hypocrisy and hubris. Most of all, they are guilty of misleading us into this God-awful war.

So, yes, I feel sorry for those indicted and those under investigation, and especially for their families. They are going through hell. But it's nothing compared to the pain of 2,000 families who've lost a loved one in Iraq, or 15,000 families whose loved one has shed blood or lost limbs in the war Mr. Bush and his "better people" have started.

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