Monday, November 14


Target continues to try to excuse its unconscionable policy of denying Plan B emergency contraceptives to customers with legitimate prescriptions for the drug, simply because they or their employed pharmacist deem it immoral.

This is the kind of issue that mainstream America can, and will, embrace if they KNOW ABOUT IT. Several times in the past five weeks when I've been on a 20-city business travel whirlwind, members of my crew have asked for stops at Target to pick up little personal items they'd neglected to pack. Each time I mentioned that I'd prefer to stop at a Walgreen's or some other (other than Wal-Mart, that is) sundry store and explained the Target position (in fact, I stated, "I'm in the midst of a very serious boycott of Target Stores). In EVERY CASE my overwhelmingly Republican (we're all from Texas, after all) teammates bought into my argument 100%. Several stated, "This time, ________ (my real name), I'm completely in agreement with you!" These are all intelligent professional people who don't have time or the interest or inclination to keep up with this kind of new minutiae (I'm the resident political nutso), but having the facts laid out for them were disgusted and in complete opposition to such policy.

There are so many outrageous and newsworthy issues arising these days, how is it possible for the media to cover them all? The easy answer is, it's not. So it's up to us. We can't allow a single outrage to escape notice. We have to spread the word, as opportunity presents itself, so that the "silent majority" becomes more acquainted with the nonsense that currently permeates our reality in the name of morality.


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