Friday, November 18


Just heard Ed Schultz on Air America interviewing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-CO). Reid has been such a pleasant surprise since he assumed leadership from the defeated Tom Daschle! The man speaks truth and common sense together in a way that appeals to the common man. I particularly liked his analogy of Bush's current political and policy strategies with those of Richard Nixon. When the nation turned against Nixon, he pointed out, the man "hunkered down," refused to change course, attacked his opposition, and took lots of trips outside the country, just as Dubya is doing. Ronald Reagan, he noted, faced with his own troubles (in particular the Iran-Contra revelations), swept house, brought in Howard Baker and other new advisors and administrators and "went on to have the three most productive years of his presidency." "Bush is following the Nixon example, not the Reagan," Reid said, and hinted that the Chimpster might end the same way.

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