Wednesday, November 2


As many as 65,000 Hurricane Katrina evacuees could be evicted from their temporary apartments in Texas before Christmas.

As usual, the Bushies say, "It's the victims' fault."

FEMA officials say the problem is the evacuees. "It's their responsibility to use (the money) as it's intended for," FEMA spokesman Mike Sweet said, adding that refugees are eligible for more money if the original check paid for other necessities, such as food and clothing. "They need to provide us with receipts as well as a long-term housing plan" to secure more money for rent, he said. (Hey, these slackers should find the invisible FEMA office near them, use their nonexistent computer to write a report and e-mail it in using their virtual internet access -- the dopes are all savvy surfers, right? -- and we'll give them another lousy $2,300 to cover rent, food, medical expenses, transportation, etc. for three or four months...if we think their report deserves a passing grade, that is.)

Sound familiar?

"People had ample time to prepare, and it isn't that hard to get 72 hours worth of food and water, to do the simple things we ask people to do," Gov. Jeb Bush said.


Anonymous Apartment Locator Houston said...

It is truly unfortunate to hear that the evacuees are being evicted from apartments. I am currently seeking to build an apartment complex and hope to provide homes for many.

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