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Did anyone catch the two-hour special Earth to America on TBS last night? It was basically a star-studded two-hour anti-Bush administration political infomercial. Awesome.

The event, featuring Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Larry David, Tim McGraw, Bill Maher, Eric Idle, Ray Romano, the real Apollo 13 commander, Jim Lovell, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Leo DiCaprio, Dustin Hoffman, and closing remarks by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was an attempt to get Americans to recognize the perils of global warming and other environmental hazards that must be addressed, and soon, if we are to avoid a global climate-related disaster. The added benefit was the comedy routines, and the serious statements, centered around the failures of BushCo, and sent a clear message: if you value your planet, your lives and your children, you will join the "Virtual March" at and send a message to Congress that later is too late. We need action now to protect our planet.

FYI, Will Farrell was hilarious as Dubya trying to talk about global warming as if he knew anything about it or had any interest whatsoever. I haven't found anyone at work who actually saw the show, so I'm wondering just what kind of audience it received.

UPDATE: Uh oh. Scientists say the icecap on Greenland is disappearing much faster than they had anticipated.

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Blogger Andrew said...

Why are they blaming one political party or one president? IF there is a global problem it has been long in the making and the blame of no particular person or group of people. I thought the show was a disaster. The stars obviously knew next to nothing about the issue. Cedric the Entertainer said he "Googled" global warming to find out stuff, and the others just gave cheap laughs and never talked about the problem, if there is one. It was typical Hollwood trash.

And about conservatives being "selfish"... is it selfish to preserve the religious rights of citizens? Is it selfish to save the lives of children whose Constitutional "right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is ripped from them before the "right to life" can even be obtained? Rethink your position.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Thank you, but I'm happy with my position. Cedric is a COMIC like many of the others -- they were brought on board for their entertainment value to attract an audience for the more important message.

You question whether or not there is a problem. There are so many resources to prove that it is a disaster in the making that I won't try to list them here, but suggest that YOU try Googling the issue.

Abortion has nothing to do with this matter, and I can't imagine why you chose to inject it into the discussion. The "selfishness" the speakers last night were referring to is the short-sighted focus on immediate profits by business, the "I believe Jesus is coming soon so it doesn't matter if we cut down all the trees" thought pattern, and the "I'll drive a Hummer if I want to" mentality, that have persuaded our lawmakers they are better off avoiding environmental issues if they want to get re-elected and have thus exposed the entire planet to future crises.

You know, "Spaceship Earth" wasn't coined last night by the comics. It's a perspective that has been around for a long time. As Jim Lovell said, we're all passengers and we'll crash or survive together. There's no bailing out.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

You know, Andrew, I should add for your edification that my husband attended seminary for two years, that we have five children and are devout Christians. I've been driving a Hybrid for almost three years (BEFORE gas prices rose dramatically).

And a serious reading of the scriptures clearly demonstrates that we are stewards of the earth that God created and should nurture, not plunder, it.

I would refer you to Target Earth Resources for a Biblical perspective on environmentalism and a Christian's duty regarding it.

God bless the earth and all who dwell therein.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Dan Roesser said...

I love how Bill Maher said:

"I’ve read that the Earth used to have 19% oxygen in its atmosphere, and now it has 9%. Now, I know that is not a fact that you will find in the Bible. And I know that it is not something that we should really care about like activist judges or boys kissing, but maybe it matters a little!"

What book was that in? The book of made of nonsense? If there was only 9% oxygen we'd all be dead.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

The "selfishness" comment was addressing the general attack on conservatives in the description of this blog "No More Apples". And the abortion issue and others, like assisted suicide, are pillar issues of conservatives , and therefore I felt the right to bring it up. No, they did not talk about that on the TV show. It is a very Christian idea to take care of the earth, because we are commanded to in the Bible... yes the BIBLE, that book that Bill Maher likes to defecate on. I am just saying that all these liberal democrat celebrities all drive their hummers home and fly private jets and are vacationing in VEGAS the most wasteful city on the planet... I highly doubt they should be throwing stones...

5:16 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

According to your quote of the day, "Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm," liberals must think President Bush is a whopping success!

9:37 AM  

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