Monday, November 21


Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report and National Journal and Stuart Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report were guests on Chris Matthews' Hardball tonight.

All agreed that the "Get out now" demand by some Democrats is good for Republicans, while the open-ended Republican argument "not till our mission is accomplished" works to the advantage of Democrats.

Chris asked, who's advising the president NOW? Cook said two groups, one of talented, experienced people who are fried, exhausted, and a group of younger ones who aren't ready/tested yet (Dan Bartlett, for instance), the ones who brought us Harriet Miers. Both said Bush needs to start with a whole new bunch. It would buy him a couple of months, get people off his back for a short while. Chris asked if Bush shouldn't dump Cheney. Stu replied that he needs him now, he's the guy out making the case for Dubya.

Then came the shocker. Tweetybird countered with, But gee, Cheney's looking like the guy in charge again. Remember 9/11? The VP was here, the president wasn't.

Never thought I'd hear a MSM journalist admitting THAT, much less Tweety, who couldn't contain himself with the manliness of Commander Codpiece on the day of the "Mission Accomplished" landing.


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