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As I posted earlier this month, the suspicious results of the Ohio referenda is a story that must not die. Elections are American liberty's equivalent of a market correction, and if they are stolen, or just invalidated by faulty machinery, we'll crash. And it won't be pretty. Why isn't this story being followed up in the media?

Not even the Columbus Dispatch, the origin of the polls that were so "wrong," is interested.

The Columbus Dispatch’s survey of voters, conducted by mail, has historically been a reliable poll; it has been cited for its precision in the scholarly journal Public Opinion Quarterly and is considered far more accurate than telephone surveys. There is no faulty O-ring, in other words; the methodology doesn’t need changing.

And that’s why there’s a story here that must not be allowed to vanish.

The story is about how America votes, and evidence that pandemic chaos and perhaps even centrally orchestrated malfeasance are accompanying the spread of electronic voting machines to the nation’s precincts. We know there’s cause to worry about the state of our democracy because of the historical accuracy of the Columbus Dispatch voter poll.
Why, I wonder, in a state that made a national spectacle of itself with widespread irregularities and voter disenfranchisement a year ago, would there be so little interest in investigating whether the “voting chaos” reported by the Toledo Blade or the “night of surprises” reported by the Dayton Daily News could have produced tainted results?

“One problem discovered Tuesday: Some machines began registering votes for the wrong item when voters touched the screen correctly,” wrote Jim Bebbington in the Daily News. “Those machines had lost their calibration during shipping or installation and had to be recalibrated.”

But the spark won’t jump in the media mind. You know: Hmm, we have widespread confusion in the voting process, a recent GAO report that cites many glaring insecurities in e-voting, and our own polls indicating big victories that turn into big defeats. Could it be …? Nah! What are we thinking? This is the world’s greatest democracy.


UPDATE: Brad Friedman has more to say: "Democracy in America Has Officially Become a Privatized Circus."

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Blogger mikevotes said...

That's the beauty of the Bush administration's rushed chaos. They carry us from unethical stituation to scandal to illegal activity so fast that we have no time to really look into any of them.

In the last four months, Katrina has more or less disappeared under the more recent Plame, which is now being eclipsed by Iraq(again.)

3:08 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

It's true -- so many scandals (and problems), so little time to cover them...

9:53 PM  

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