Sunday, November 27


Joe Biden is furiously backpedaling from his pro-Iraq War stance of several years. Yes, he says, I did advocate more troops be deployed in Iraq, but it's too late now. The intelligence was misrepresented to us in the Congress. We didn't vote for war, we voted for the president to be able to use force to back up the UN resolutions Saddam was defying, and IF he could prove Iraq was an active threat to the U.S. Caveats and debunkings of the intelligence were omitted from the intelligence reports we were given, and the administration lied repeatedly about the threat Iraq posed. Biden's not talking about the president, he says, he's talking about Cheney. Cheney lied, the president misled.

Tim to Senator John Warner (R-VA): Do you believe, in all honesty, the administration took the very best spin on intelligence that would support a case for war?

After detailing Bush's family pedigree (which Tim interrupted), Warner said our president would not, intentionally, take any facts and distort them.

Tim teased Biden about running for president. Biden said sure, I'm investigating the possibilities but if I can't have a viable campaign, I'll remain as John Warner's truth-checker.


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