Friday, November 25


David Ignatius writes about the changed views of America held by the world.

What a sorry state Bush has brought us to. A world that once admired, respected and envied the American way of life now reviles and fears us. We have adopted the tactics of the Soviets and other repressive regimes and lost credibility for our unique values.

Bush and Cheney are not alone in their culpability for bringing us to this shameful stage of our history. Rush Limbaugh,
Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and their adoring followers and the rest of the haters are enablers. Indifferent voters who chose BushCo for two terms of office are also.

What can we do to reverse this dangerous course? Well, the first thing is to totally and overwhelmingly repudiate the politicos who have sponsored it. The elections of 2006 and 2008 will be a test of whether or not this country will be able to regain its footing in the world. Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans must find enough common ground to "throw the bastards out" -- and our historical American values ought to provide such common ground. No administration or supporter that advocates torture, endless war, and the reduction of our civil liberties should find approbation among the vast majority of American people.

If they do, we are become the enemy we once opposed.

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