Sunday, November 6


All American Kid

Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain.

You were well rounded and well liked in high school.

Well, kind of true, but not entirely.

I WAS popular (Homecoming Queen candidate, Student Council, Senior Class Secretary, etc.) but not plastic -- I was a member of the "cool kids" but I was also a champion debater and liked to hang around with the nerdy brains. I also sang in a folk group and a rock group.

I was KIND OF athletic (I was too small but I was feisty) but I've always been a sports nut (of my parents' four daughters, I was my daddy's boy). What other woman purchases ESPN game plan so she can watch 12 college football games in a day? (Just kidding, I only actually watched four yesterday --)

I wasn't particularly smart, but I WAS a brain -- National Merit Scholarship finalist, three academic college scholarships, mid-1400's on my SATs.

I was also a national cast member of "Up With People" the summer before my senior year and a known "rebel," openly advocating civil rights in my Southern hometown and opposing the VietNam War -- my dad's advice to me as I went off to college was, "If you're in a demonstration and they take pictures, cover your face so your mother won't be embarrassed."

Yep, I was an all-American kid.

You can take the quiz here. Hat tip to Suburban Guerrilla.

It wasn't as much fun as the Desperate Housewives quiz. I'm Lynette, no matter how many times I take it (the questions are different every time). You know, the frazzled executive mother of four. I'm a frazzled executive mother of five, so what else would I be?

Interestingly, everyone I know who's taken this quiz (including guys), with one exception, has turned out to be "Susan." That's eight people, six women, two men. The exception was one Gabriella. No Brees so far.


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