Thursday, December 22


Googling Gen. Hayden, I found this incredible article. It describes the damage done to the NSA by Gen. Michael Hayden's seven-year tenure as director. It's an amazing tale: "NSA professionals ... point to an agency wracked by poor morale, questionable outsourcing contracts, and ineffective and corrupt management." It includes details of a high-tech security force whose sole mission is to harass NSA employees; spying on unfriendly American journalists; and "purely political eavesdropping."

And in what will amount to the greatest demonstration of the law of unintended consequences, the damage done to NSA by Hayden and his neoconservative superiors will result in more and greater intelligence disclosures that will shine a bright light on the behind-the-scenes machinations of the Bush administration and may, hopefully, drive a final nail in the coffin of neoconservative politics.

This was written in May. A litle prescient, no? And the whole story is so part and parcel with the Bush administration modus operandi.

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