Wednesday, December 28


John Nichols of The Nation nominates the most valuable progressives of 2005:

MVP -- Senate

The winner: Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold
Runners-up: California Democrat Barbara Boxer and Arizona Republican John McCain (I challenge the latter)

MVP -- House of Representatives

The winner: Michigan Democrat John Conyers
Runners-up: Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown, Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders, North Carolina Republican Walter Jones, and Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha

MVP -- Executive Branch

The winner (no runners-up!): Lawrence B. Wilkerson, the retired U.S. Army colonel who served as chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin L. Powell until Powell exited the State Department in January, 2005

MVP -- Law Enforcement

The winner: Travis County, Texas, District Attorney Ronnie Earle
Runner-up: Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald

MVP -- Citizen

The winner (no runner-up): Cindy Sheehan

MVP -- Watchdog

The winner: After Downing Street

It's a worthwhile read, reminding us who actually made a difference as opposed to who made headlines.



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