Wednesday, December 28


John McCain pandering again. He tells MTV audience that:

"Let the student decide." With those well-chosen words John McCain summed up his view on the teaching of "intelligent design" along with evolution in public schools.

Even — or perhaps especially — with controversial topics, Arizona's ubiquitous senior U.S. senator has an uncanny knack for saying things his audience wants to hear.
McCain probably wouldn't champion the same letting-students-decide approach for, say, homework or blowing off algebra. No matter. He came across as an entirely reasonable and rational father figure on MTV.

Make no mistake. The man-who-would-be-president is not the "maverick" the MSM likes to portray him. He's a man who embraced George W. Bush and campaigned for him vigorously in 2004. He's tied to Bush's policies. He bears his own share of responsibility for the mess this country is in. He's an opportunist, and not to be trusted.

UPDATE: Political Animal has more. A great read.



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