Tuesday, December 6


Regarding the right-wing "war on Christmas" crusade, Mikevotes of Born At the Crest of the Empire makes (as he so often does) a good point:

Where exactly in the bible is the chapter on the proper ornamenting of the tree?

And why aren't they mad about stockings, or Santa? I mean Santa has hijacked Jesus' holiday, and the crazy christians seem cool with that. None of the mainstream wackos is out there saying we should get rid of Santa.

Nobody is boycotting department stores because they don't have a baby Jesus painted all over their frosty windows.

The fact is, the two major Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, have long been hijacked for secular enjoyment of material pleasures. Years ago my husband and I initiated "Easter bunny" and "Easter egg" festivities for our family on the Saturday before Easter so there would be no distraction from the religious nature of Easter Sunday, the celebration of Christ's resurrection. And we've always insisted upon the reading of the "Christmas" story from the Bible on Christmas morning before the family begins to tear into our presents to one another.

If right-wing "Christians" want to reserve December 25 for a personal celebration of Christ's birth, there's nobody that will try to stop them. Religious observances are a personal choice; it is unnecessary to force them upon others in order to enjoy them oneself. Ergo, this whole charade of a "war against Christmas" is a political red herring and wholly disrespectful of the teachings of the Bible, which include injunctions against worshipping idols of any kind.



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