Tuesday, December 6


Valerie Plame is leaving the CIA.

I don't say "is ending her career at the CIA" because that was done for her.

"She did not have a career left," said Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA officer and a friend of Plame since the two were in the same agency training class in the 1980s. "She was no longer able to work as a clandestine officer, which was her reason for being."

Johnson said that although Plame still had allies at the agency, her ability to function effectively was irreparably harmed after her status became publicly known.

"She is either a non-entity or radioactive," Johnson said. "Getting connected with her is not something that is going to enhance your career. She has been something of a leper."

This administration leaves nothing but destruction in its wake -- human lives, our national security, American values, the economy. And we have to endure three more years of it...

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