Friday, December 9


Newsfare raises an interesting question:

But McVeigh’s admitted accomplice, Terry Nichols, is still alive and in prison. How about Nichols? Should he be tortured now in order to obtain more information about that bombing and possible additional actions coming up? Can we be sure that nothing more is being planned, that sleeper cells are not at this very moment waiting patiently for the signal to wake up and kill more innocent Americans?

Trouble is, we badly need some clarification here. Is torture perhaps only approved for use on non-Europeans? Or on non-Judeo-Christians? What about for people whose skin is dark? What about those whose skin is dark but who are Christian or Jewish?

Note to Repuplican supporters of torture: please get this messy and confusing situation straightened out toute suite, so we all understand the rules and can get on with it.


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