Tuesday, December 20


HARDBALL tonight: During a discussion with Jonathan Alter and David Gergen about Dumbya's illegal wiretapping scheme for the NSA, substitute host Andrea Mitchell asked Gergen, "Are we heading into a constitutional crisis?"

David Gergen: I will be surprised if, now that it's all out, either side wants to push it really hard, especially Sen. Specter. I can't imagine considering the seriousness of the situation in Iraq that either side wants a crisis. Now that we know the problem, let's fix it! (my paraphrase)

Excu-u-u-se me? Now that the president's been exposed as having broken the law, violated the Constitution, repeatedly and egregiously, we should just "fix it"? What does that mean? That Bush will agree not to do it any more?

Imagine Bill Clinton being granted that courtesy by the Rethugs. "We won't impeach him for having a BJ and fibbing about it if he promises not to do it again!"

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Blogger mikevotes said...

Yeah, starting Monday, after all this NSA stuff broke, I was anxiously awaiting Hardball, and then I get Marta Raddich or whoever that was. Did you see her last night go after Levin, repeating the administration's arguments as if they were fact.

I had to turn it off. But I did catch that Gergen remark and had much the same response(with a few obscenities thrown in, but that's just who I am.)


10:12 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Then this morning I'm watching CNN's American Morning, and I can't believe it but two, TWO correspondents spend fully 2/3 of their reports (no exaggeration here) recounting the Bush administration position --

I definitely had to remember I'm a lady, or I'd have been turning the sky blue, as they say, with my language.

11:52 PM  

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