Saturday, January 28


Months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it's still all talk and little substantive action from the all-hat-and-no-cattle Bush administration.

And let's give FEMA credit where credit is due: The agency has promised -- in writing, no less -- that it's going to help rehabilitate sections of neglected working-class neighborhoods in Baton Rouge to accommodate the newly and about-to-be homeless. The only problem is, so far at least, the contract is worth just about as much as the paper it's written on. On the other hand, FEMA continues to award storm-cleaning contracts to some out-of-state companies that sprang up just a few days after Hurricane Katrina lunged ashore. So at least someone's being helped.

It's another case of lofty Bush promises and little or no follow-through. The man's real good under klieg lights and before a set (think Jackson Square speech), but lousy at governance. Some CEO president! He figures it's his job to staff positions (with unqualified cronies) and then offer no supervision and no penalties for poor performance. No wonder he couldn't make it in the business world. He wouldn't even make a decent HR director.

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