Saturday, January 21


"The most trusted name in news" has hired a most despicable, ignorant right-wing talk show jock. We're talking about a guy who until 2000 was an acknowledged alcoholic and drug addict who trumpets his show as a "fusion of talk and entertainment." We're not talking about news here. We're talking about a Rush Limbaugh clone getting a platform on the (formerly) most respected news outlet in the world.

I don't get it. Polls show that more than half the nation say the nation is on the wrong track. Bush's approval numbers continuously float around 40%. So why is nearly every communications outlet adding more and more wingnuts to their roster?

Do demographics show them that right-wingers view television, read newspapers and listen to radio in numbers exponentially greater than moderates or progressives?

I find that hard to believe. So, is the answer that there is, indeed, a VRWC? How do we get a VLWC started?

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