Saturday, January 28


Economic news bodes ill for Republicans during the 2006 Congressional elections.

Charles Dumas, the chief international economist at forecasting firm Lombard Street Research in London, said in a note to investors: "It will take a miracle as fine as Mozart, 250 years old today and as fresh as new, to prevent a sharp U.S. slowdown in the second half of 2006, probably to nil growth" by the fourth quarter.

The wingnuts will probably respond with something like, "Democrats will be gleeful" about an economic downturn just in time for the 2006 midterms. They think (or at least they say) that we all hate America and want to see her fail. I find no joy in stagnant wages, major hurt for American businesses, higher oil prices and a slumping housing market. But yes, these are the result of Bush policies and yes, I hope Dems will be reminding Americans of that fact as they go to the polls. If we can't elect a Democratic Congress, we can't fix, or at least stop, more Bush recklessness and bass-ackwards priorities.

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