Friday, January 20


What the heck does THIS mean?

The congressional authorization on the use of force, it added, "places the president at the zenith of his powers in authorizing the NSA activities."

Is the Department of Justice trying to enhance the president's image to the level of superhero?

This elevation -- of a spoiled, privileged scion of an ethically questionable but wealthy and influential family, a poor student, bad sport, waste of a terribly expensive Air National Guard flight training program (since, at the very least, he failed to complete his obligation to the TANG by losing his flight status due to his failure to report for a routine flight physical), abysmal businessman who never made a dollar from his own efforts, cokehead and drunk until his alleged conversion to Christianity, late-blooming but successful (thanks to his exalted family connections) politician -- to a position of near-godliness is as inexplicable to me as it is frustrating. (I'm sorry, I'm too tired from an incredible intense 80-hour work week to source the links that would back all this up.)

The "zenith of his powers"????

The only powers George W. Bush possesses are those conferred upon him by the U.S. Constitution. There is no "zenith" under the law -- that presupposes that his authority waxes and wanes according to the circumstances. The Constitution is explicit in defining and limiting such authority.

No amount of spin can change that. Indeed, even if the Congress were to pass legislation enabling the president to become a dictator, to violate the Constitution, it would be the responsibility of the Supreme Court to judge that legislation invalid.

Of course, that also presupposes a SCOTUS that would uphold the Constitution and not exercise "judicial activism."

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