Tuesday, January 17


Just saw a brief Wolf Blitzer interview with John Kerry. On Al Gore's speech, particularly "The president has been breaking the law repeatedly and insistently." Here's the short version:

Wolf: Do you agree with him?

Kerry: Yes. Certainly. Definitively. Congress' intent in the FISA legislation couldn't be clearer. Yes, I think the president is breaking the law.

Wolf: What's the remedy?

Kerry: I hope the administration will of its own steps reverse course, admit the mistake and try to guarantee that the protections put in place will be adhered to. I hope the [Specter] hearings will be bipartisan, that subpoenas will be issued to the appropriate people without the Chairman vetoing them.

Wolf played a clip of Hillary Clinton in which she stated, "I predict that this administration will go down in history as one of the worst administrations ever to govern." Does Kerry agree with her?

Kerry: Sure, I don't disagree. On almost every issue, with an apolitical perspective, they're disengaged. We're going backwards. The bottom line is, we're not as safe in the world as we ought to be, and domestically we're neglecting our responsibility.

It's about time party leaders started to stand up and speak the truth about this administration and quit running scared.

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