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I've been a faithful watcher of Hardball for several years. I don't really know why, but it fascinates me, something akin to watching a train wreck.

However, I will no longer participate in the carnage. Hearing Chris Matthews suggest, first that Osama Bin Laden is like an over-the-top Michael Moore and then on a later night, that any American who opposes the Iraq War and the Bush prosecution of the "war on terror" ALSO bears a similarity to a murderous terrorist religious fundamentalist who plans the deaths of thousands, has outraged me to a point where I will in the future boycott not only Hardball but also any MSNBC programming until the cable network either removes Chris Matthews from the air or airs an abject apology from him.

I'm perplexed. Are you really not aware that according to the January 2006 Pew Research poll, Americans are evenly divided as to whether or not using force in Iraq was the right decision and on whether or not the Iraq war helped or hurt the war on terrorism? Can you possibly be unaware that the MAJORITY of our citizens no longer support the president's policies and a LARGE majority of us think that the country is "on the wrong track"?

Are you really prepared to call fully half of our citizens "like Bin Laden"? Do you really think it is smart to characterize the largest portion of your audience as terrorists?

I suppose you do. After all, Chris invited two right-wing television talk show hosts and a tabloid reporter to discuss the matter. If I want that kind of imbalance, I'll tune in to Fox hereafter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews, You recently asked why the polls could be so wrong!? May I suggest that you put your hands over your ears! That's why the polls were not correct.
Everything I have heard was that Obama doesn't do nasty! Ha! Did you really listen to what the people in Iowa said? One of the examples was that a number of Caucus locations experienced a similar technique by the Obama oiled machine. At the time of Realignment - An Obama Staffer (at this time there was not to be an announcement) jumped up and announced that Biden and Richardson had quit, and the candidates were directing their Caucusers to go to the Obama section! Then almost immediately, an Obama Caucuser (was not to be making announcements either) jumped up and said that they had been on the cell phone and received the same message!
You know what I call that?! "Dirty Politics and Trickery" If Obama does not do nasty, then please tell me what that picture suggests? It was reported on TV some place in Iowa, but did the press ever really check that out? NO! That was only one type of dirty politics and trickery that was experienced from the Obama Campaign.
Next time listen to the people. . . . maybe you'll get the polls closer that way. You can never get it right as long as we have freedom to vote as we want, and it isn't necessary to tell a media person what he/she wants to hear!
All I can say is: Go, Hillary, Go!

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