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Wow. Just heard Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), ranking member of the House Rules Committee, speaking on C-SPAN on the "culture of corruption" in the Republican Congress. She blew away the gathering of Democratic Congressional leaders, who were together for a signing of the Democratic plan for lobbying reform.

BTW, what a contrast between the Democratic signing ceremony and the usual picture of white Republican males doing so! The Democratic group was an illustration of diversity, with an even mixture of men, women, whites and minorities.

"But what we are up against isn’t just the shameful work of individuals like these. It’s a much broader problem, a problem rooted in the Republican establishment which has held power in our nation’s capital for more than a decade. Sadly, the legacy of Republican rule has been the fundamental degradation of our democratic institutions and the abandonment of our core principles.

"Since 1995, Republicans have turned our democratic government into an engine of patronage, not one of responsible policy. They have linked their Party, and the business of the country, to powerful lobbyists in an unprecedented attempt to eliminate the will of the American people from the legislative process.

"Over the last five years, the number of special-interest lobbyists in Washington has doubled, from 9,500 to more than 34,000 today. There are 63 lobbyists for each Member of Congress. Along with the corporations they represent and the numerous Republican legislators they court, lobbyists are now writing the bills that are passed by our Congress. They have infiltrated every aspect now of our government. Their money and donations shape the opinions of corrupt lawmakers in a way that public opinion no longer does.

"Under Republican guidance, America has truly been put up for sale to the highest bidder.

She cited examples of lobbyists writing legislature, and added that she firmly believes the Medicare prescription bill was introduced for the sole reason of destroying Medicare. She accused the Rethugs of blocking any substantive investigation into what black hole money appropriated for Iraq reconstruction disappeared.

The lady pulled no punches.

Congresswoman Slaughter delivered this week's Democratic radio address. The transcript of her remarks can be found here.

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Thanjks for the post. I might have missed it. Nice to see some Dems getting a backbone.

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